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Talent Strategy: Competencies & Success Profiles

Do your people know the success behaviours expected of them?

Multiple studies have proven that by using a behaviour-based approach to leadership, organisations can better identify and develop their leaders. A focus on leadership competencies promotes commitment to success behaviours and better leadership. Competencies and behaviours help organisations make better informed decisions in hiring, developing and promoting leaders.

Leadership Competency Frameworks

At BasilTree, our Leadership Competency Frameworks are meticulously crafted to align with clients’ purpose, vision, culture, and strategic priorities. Through insightful dialogues and thorough analysis, we create a simple, relatable framework. Our process includes methodologies like Visionary Interviews and Critical Incident Interviews, integrating industry insights and competitive analysis. This data forms the basis of our framework, focusing on behaviors for current and future success.

Principles of Designing a Leadership Competency Framework
Aligned to Business Strategy

It reflects the key tenets of the organisation’s strategy, including challenges to be addressed and opportunities to be harnessed.


It covers all the key behaviours required of the employees to be effective in the foreseeable future of the organisation.

Observable & Measurable

It defines behaviours that can be observed across people processes by line managers, and not remain a tool for behavioural specialists.

Success Profiles

Success Profiles are created for unique roles, including all facets that will make an individual successful, ranging from leadership behaviours to functional skills. BasilTree experts gather organisational and external benchmark data to define Success Profiles in the form of the why, what and how of each unique role. Three components of the Success Profile include:

Fit for Culture

Attributes that contribute to and build on the larger Purpose and Strategy of the organisation – the ‘why’ of the role.

Fit for Capabilities

Role related fitment in terms of knowledge, skills and experience required – the ‘what’ of the role. Know more about Domain & Functional Assessments.

Fit for Competencies

Leadership Behaviours required to function at the next level and the individual’s readiness for progression – the ‘how’ of the role. Learn how these are used to assess talent.

Behaviour Led Workplaces

Some of the world’s most iconic organisations have excelled at ensuring that everyone knows not only what they are expected to do, but how they are expected to behave. “This is how we do things” should mean that the desired leadership behaviours have been cascaded and embedded deep into the psyche of the organisation, such that over time they become culture and no longer remain an HR tool. BasilTree designs and delivers such processes as a combination of push and pull strategies over three phases.


Creating awareness and cascading the new Leadership Success Behaviours across the organisation.


Creating a shared understanding on how the framework will have a positive impact and address ‘What’s in it for me?’ for various target groups.


Sharing success stories and establishing an emotional connect with the different stakeholder groups in the organisation.