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The client, a pharmaceutical company, wanted to create Success Profiles for the sales roles of the Trade Function.

The client wanted to start using these documents as a basis for HR processes.


The client received detailed, comprehensive Success Profiles for the required roles.

The client started using the Success Profiles and ‘Interview Guides’ in their internal and external selection processes.


BasilTree had created Functional Competencies for the Sales team in a previous engagement with the client. These were used along with the client’s Leadership Competency Framework as a basis for creating the Success Profiles.

Detailed discussions were conducted with role holders and other business stakeholders to understand the key responsibilities, activities and outcomes expected of the roles along with the key business challenges.

Other inputs in the form of Job Description documents, Goal sheets, etc. were considered as well to identify knowledge and experience requirements.

Additionally, BasilTree created ‘Interview Guides’ – documents that client interviewers could refer to, to look for competency-based questions for each of the functional competencies mapped to these roles.