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The client, a large Engineering company, renowned for its technological prowess as a primary driver of business growth, aimed to elevate its technology capability to ensure that it was not only responding to, but staying ahead of the technological advances across its varied industries such as Power, Aerospace, Hydrocarbons and several others.

The goal was to develop a niche, exclusive programme to hone and enhance the technological capabilities of a small fraction of its employee base, who would be identified and groomed to lead the organisation to the next phase of exponential growth.

The client wanted to begin by clearly identifying the future-focused technological skills and attributes required across each of their unique businesses.


Built technology capability that is aligned to the Group’s strategic priorities, and ahead of the industry standards.

Addressed the issue of engagement and retention of top technology talent, particularly through the involvement of business leaders in the entire journey of the programme.

Reinforced national as well as global image as a top and preferred technology employer.


BasilTree conducted sessions with the client’s CEOs, CTOs and their leadership teams, across sectors to understand their strategic priorities where technology could become a differentiator.

Technology focus areas, with distinct knowledge, skills and experience required, as well as functional and behavioural capabilities were identified for 15 different unique businesses.

Assessment frameworks were used and internal capability built, to identify top technical talent at each of the businesses, and across different levels. Supporting systems such as those in performance management, learning and development and career progression, were created to manage, develop and retain this top technical talent.