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The client, one of India’s leading carbon manufacturer, wanted to define leadership competencies and behaviours which would form the foundation of all its people initiatives. The objective was to centre all HR processes and re-align current and future practices to these newly defined leadership competencies. Additionally, the client wanted to understand how effectively middle and senior-level managers are able to demonstrate these leadership behaviours, before planning any subsequent developmental initiatives on the same.


Through the assessment process, and subsequent development planning, the leadership competency framework became the basis for talent identification and development processes.

To make the leadership competencies integral to the recruitment process, BasilTree conducted competency-based interviewing training for hiring managers.

In addition to clarifying individual and cohort level development priorities, the assessment process provided the client insight into the readiness levels of employees to take on larger and more complex roles in the future


BasilTree engaged with the client to define its Leadership Competencies and had in-depth discussions to validate it.

For the employees from mid and senior management, a Development Centre (‘DC’) process was designed based on the defined leadership competency framework

BasilTree conducted workshops on creating Individual Development Plans (‘IDPs’) with senior leaders to sustain the development efforts for participants from the DC.

Talent analytics conducted after the DC provided cohort-level inputs for putting participants through learning journeys.