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Talent Strategy: Competency Based HR

Are your people processes aligned to success behaviours?

Behaviours and leadership competencies are essential attributes, but they truly become impactful when integrated into the various stages of the employee lifecycle. At BasilTree, we collaborate closely with our clients to embed leadership behaviours into their most critical people processes.

Fit-to-Purpose Selection

Ensuring that right-fit talent is hired on the basis of success behaviours, is a sure-shot way of laying the foundation to a high-performing organisation. We help clients:


Design assessment mechanisms for identifying people with the greatest likelihood of success.


Train hiring managers to improve their success rates with Competency Based Interviewing.


Align induction processes to ensure early behavioural assimilation of new joinees.

Performance Management to Build a
High Performing Organisation

Performance Management to Build a High Performing Organisation



2 in 10

employees say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.


Only high performing organisations understand that performance is as much about how you deliver, as it is about what you deliver, and invest in performance management systems that work on this premise.

BasilTree helps clients enable performance through:

Integrating leadership behaviours with the performance process.


Enabling business managers to shift from measuring to enabling performance through Manager as Coach programmes.


Connecting performance management to learning and development systems.

Careers & Succession Systems


A maximum of


of organisations have a formalised succession planning process.

BasilTree helps companies bridge this succession gap through:


Identifying critical positions across the organisation and creating Success Profiles for those.


Building line manager capability to identify and develop top talent.


Designing a career and succession strategy in line with the business and talent strategy.