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The client, a Retail major, wanted to identify high potential Sales Alliance Managers who could transition to the next level as City Heads. They also wanted to be armed with insights of the developmental priorities for the identified pool. To ensure sustained investment in the subsequent development of the identified pool, there was a need for senior business leaders to be involved in the assessment process.


The client was able to successfully identify the ‘Ready-Now’ and ‘Ready in Six Months’ participants to take on the role of City Heads.

The analytics also provided clarity on developmental priorities for each individual, which was used to create their individual development plans.

The business leaders felt more invested and responsible for the future development of the cohort as a result of them being involved and engaged in the assessment and feedback processes.


BasilTree used client-identified key competencies and success behaviours for the City Head, as a basis for conducting the assessment process.

A situational judgment test, personality questionnaire and behavioural simulations were used to ensure holistic assessment of the cohort.

Post-assessment analytics was conducted to identify key areas of strength and development at individual and organisational levels.

BasilTree trained the clients’ business leaders in conducting behavioural interviews and objectively assessing potential. These leaders shadowed BasilTree assessors in the entire assessment process and the subsequent one-on-one feedback sessions with the participants.