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The client, a retail major, wanted to identify and develop high potential talent across its businesses to create a Group-wide resource base.

The client was to conduct an internal nine-month developmental journey for the identified participants, curated with on-the-job experiences, one on one mentoring and classroom inputs.

Given the need to assess employees across the country, the client wanted to use a process that could be administered virtually, was easy to implement, and was scalable and effective.


A pool of 88 future leaders, who met both cognitive and behavioural standards, was identified from roughly 400 nominations.

Participants were able to leverage awareness of their areas of strength and development, right from the outset of the developmental journey.

This talent pool became the first round of internal talent that businesses could draw upon, instead of bringing people from outside, especially for critical roles.


Identification of top talent was based on performance, potential and preference of all nominees.

For this, manager feedback, and inputs from a Cognitive Ability Test and a Personality Questionnaire were taken to shortlist participants.

The shortlisted participants then went through standardised tools. This phase helped identify areas of strengths and development of each individual, which was vital as a starting point for their development journey.