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The client, a global food company, wished to design and implement a new Development Centre process. This was part of their efforts to enhance how they identify and nurture high-potential talent in their stores throughout India.

Senior business leaders needed to participate in the assessment process to ensure ongoing investment in the development of the identified talent pool.


The data gathered from the Development Centre aided in pinpointing employees’ development priorities and gauging their readiness for assuming larger and more complex roles in the future.

Detailed talent analytics highlighted critical developmental requirements for the client, aligning with its expansion strategies.

The programme has built internal capability amongst senior leaders to carry out more robust potential assessments.


BasilTree established the client’s competencies and success behaviours as the framework for the assessment process.

BasilTree created a Virtual Development Centre with exercises tailored to reflect the business context and challenges encountered by role holders transitioning to the target role.

BasilTree provided training to the client’s business leaders on conducting behavioural interviews and objectively assessing potential. These leaders, alongside BasilTree assessors, actively participated in the entire assessment process and subsequent individual feedback sessions with the participants.

Post-assessment analytics was conducted to identify key areas of strength and development at individual and organisational levels.