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The client, a prominent Indian Retail Chain, aimed to assess the readiness of its Store Managers to advance to the role of Area Operations Manager. Furthermore, the client sought to pinpoint individual strengths and areas for development within the cohort of identified Store Managers, enabling tailored development plans for their progression.


The client effectively identified Store Managers who were immediately prepared to step into the role of Area Operations Manager.

The assessment process resulted in clear individual development plans being drafted for the identified high-performing Store Managers, which were to be driven internally by the business HR.

Furthermore, the client’s leadership team and HR gained valuable insights into the criteria to consider when recruiting new talent for the ‘Store Manager’ position.


BasilTree had detailed conversations with the client leadership team to understand their business challenges. Insights into these real-world challenges helped identify the right combination of tools to assess the cohort on desired competencies and leadership behaviours.

Approximately 20 Store Managers underwent a two-phase assessment process. The first phase involved individual exercises and standardised assessments conducted virtually, while the second phase comprised an assessor-led exercise.

Following the assessment process, Store Managers received comprehensive feedback on their strengths and areas for development from BasilTree’s assessors.

Subsequently, a follow-up conversation was scheduled with the same assessors to help participants put together their individual development plans, in consultation with their Managers and Business HR.