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The client, India’s leading third-party logistics service provider, was keen to have a cohort of select employees at senior and mid-management levels undergo a Development Centre. The objective was to assess their leadership potential to gain a keen understanding of their strengths and development needs.


The insights from the Development Centres were leveraged to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s talent pool, encompassing over 350 managers across the two levels.

Post-assessment talent analytics clarified development priorities and readiness levels of employees to take on larger and more complex roles in the future.

The identification of clear development needs provided valuable guidance to the client for planning any subsequent learning interventions.


BasilTree engaged in thorough discussions with essential business stakeholders to grasp the on-the-ground challenges and circumstances. These insights informed the customisation of the Development Centre process to suit the varied levels of employees, considering the nature and complexity of their roles.

The Development Centre format for mid-management participants entailed a blend of virtual simulation exercises, personality assessments, and cognitive evaluations. Senior Management participants underwent an in-person Development Centre process, overseen by senior BasilTree assessors who observed their performance across the exercises.

Following the Development Centres, each participant at both levels received comprehensive feedback reports and engaged in personalised one-on-one feedback discussions.