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A fast-growing life insurance company was eager to identify and develop employees at the junior (Young Leaders – YL) and mid management (Business Leaders – BL) levels for future senior leadership roles within the organisation.

The client was keen to institutionalise a robust, objective and scalable process for identifying high potential leaders, year-on-year.

The intention was for their leadership team to play a critical role in identifying and developing high potential talent and take ownership for it.


Participants shortlisted post the final assessment make it to the YL and BL talent pools, which act as a ready pool of talent for critical roles.

The process has now crossed five years of implementation, with business leaders progressively taking greater ownership in taking the final call on selection of candidates.

The assessments give employees a fair and engaging platform for being recognised as future talent. The engagement of leaders in the talent processes has resulted in a strong commitment to build the leadership pipeline.


Taking a holistic approach towards assessing ‘Potential’, BasilTree designed a three-stage process that assesses the individual’s cognitive abilities, preferences and demonstration of behaviours at the workplace.

BasilTree trained the clients’ business leaders in conducting behavioural interviews and objectively assessing potential. The client leaders, along with BasilTree assessors, conducted the final round of assessments.

All participants received feedback reports, including developmental guidelines, based on the assessment and the stage they had made it to.