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The client, a Chemicals major, has been on a high growth trajectory, while some of the people processes, especially for identifying and developing talent, were catching up with the business growth. Eager to foster a high-performance culture, the client aimed to establish an Employee Value Proposition centred on career advancement and growth linked to demonstrated potential. The project required interventions ranging from identifying high potential talent, to making investments in the right talent and building HR and business leader capability in aligning people strategy to the business strategy.


The assessments gave employees a fair and engaging platform for being recognised as future talent. The client was able to identify a clear pool of people, that they would invest in for development, across organisational levels.

The Board took ownership of the talent analytics presented by BT and used that to identify key tenets of the people strategy in the future growth journey.

The engagement of business managers in talent processes increased considerably, viewing HR and people metrics as a business-critical function.


Using the proprietary 3P Assessment Fulcrum, BasilTree designed Development Centres across levels, to identify top talent of the organisation. Each participant received an integrated report with inputs from all sources, and indicative development guidelines for each of the competencies.

Based on the findings, senior coaches from BasilTree supported the participants to create their Development Plans. A compendium of resources was shared with the HR team and individual participants, to assist them in their development journeys.

BasilTree conducted programmes for leaders to build capability in selecting and developing talent.