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The client, an energy major, had recently announced its refreshed drive to accelerate growth under its new corporate identity. They were undergoing a massive change – ownership, branding and market presence.

The client wished to re-visit their competency framework based on the new direction that they had laid out.

They also wanted to align all HR processes to the new competency framework, using it as the basis for all current and future practices.


The new Competency Framework was successfully introduced and assimilated to the entire organisation through various formats, channels and trainings.

The client was able to achieve greater standardisation in its recruitment process by providing training on Competency Based Interviewing to identified role holders.

The Development Centres conducted gave the client an understanding of their High Potential talent pool. It also provided them the key areas of strength and development carried out at individual as well as organisational levels, resulting in clear talent roadmap.

The client introduced feedback on leadership competencies in its appraisal feedback forms.


BasilTree updated the client’s Leadership Competency Framework after conducting multiple stakeholder discussions and FGDs with sample populations across the organisation.

An organisation-wide cascade plan was developed, with an aim to ‘Inform, Educate and Engage’ all employees across businesses and geographies.

Behavioural training programs were conducted across levels on the new competency framework to create a baseline understanding of what is expected, and how it is to be demonstrated at each.

Development Centres were conducted to identify high potential talent based on the new framework.

Interview and appraisal processes were reviewed to ensure incorporation of behavioural assessments.