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The client, a prominent Indian textiles manufacturer, wanted to create an assessment process for specific middle-level managers. This initiative aimed to assess their readiness for progression and pinpoint their developmental needs. Grounded in critical leadership competencies and success behaviours, which were familiarised throughout the organisation, the objective was to utilise the assessment process to gather insights for creating individual and cohort-level development journeys with customised and business-specific content.


The client identified their high potential talent pool across businesses and levels who were ready for progression.

Key insights and targeted developmental inputs were provided on relevant behaviours to plan future developmental agenda for this talent pool.


BasilTree designed a customised comprehensive assessment process. It brought together inputs from a 360-degree feedback, personality questionnaires, and simulation exercises aligned with identified behaviours.

Customised individual feedback reports were created for the participants, by integrating feedback from all assessment components. Furthermore, summary and comparative reports were created for the management to facilitate informed decision-making regarding participants in the assessment process.

The assessment process was followed by one-on-one feedback session between the assessor and the participant.