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One of the Big-Four firms engaged BasilTree for identifying the leadership depth and development needs of their existing Directors across service lines. The objective was to prepare them for the selection process for the next role as Partners. This was to be done by assessing them to identify their strengths and development needs, and curate a learning journey for them.


The process effectively revealed the participants’ potential and readiness for their next roles. The assessment analytics offered valuable insights for the planned promotion process.

The participants’ development on pertinent competencies was supported by peer learning through group coaching.

The contextual approach used in this initiative ensured heightened commitment and engagement from both participants and their managers throughout the process.


Using its proprietary 3P Assessment Fulcrum bringing together Performance, Preference and Potential, BasilTree designed Development Centres, using highly customised and contextualised exercises.

Based on the group findings of the Development Centres, learning modules were designed, and short, interactive and virtual learning sessions conducted for each competency over a period of three months.

Group coaching sessions were conducted after each competency training to further support transfer of learning.