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The client, an Indian retail giant, found their new hires with significant past records, being unable to perform well. This was leading to higher attrition rate amongst new hires.

Discussions revealed that more than functional capabilities, it was cultural mismatches that was causing individuals be unable to succeed in the organisation.

In order to turn this around, there needed to be a uniform understanding of the pillars of culture, and subsequently use them as the basis for all internal and external selections.


In-person workshops were conducted across locations, providing skills training to over 400 participants.

The workshops helped create a clear, common understanding of the client’s Values.

It standardised the interviewing process, and thereby, the candidate experience.

The client had all members of the recruitment team, including its talent vendor partners, attend the training to ensure that cultural fitment was taken into consideration in the entire selection cycle.


BasilTree worked with the client team to create a behavioural framework that articulated what the organisational Values looked like for an employee in their daily life.

This framework was used as a basis to create a customised, and a highly engaging two-day workshop on Values Based Interviewing skills.

All senior leaders, across businesses, who conducted interviews, were to participate in these workshops to ensure alignment to the company Values and to be trained on behavioural interviewing.