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The client, a large travel company, was undergoing significant changes, including shifts in business models and growth through multiple acquisitions.

The CEO was faced with the challenge of getting his Executive Leadership team to work together effectively, and at the same time carry the organisation forward during times of change, towards common larger goals.

Consequently, the client sought to conduct a multi-rater feedback exercise to help individuals recognise their strengths and areas for development, intending to utilise this insight as a catalyst for change.


The project resulted in a unified framework that became the basis for driving all leadership behaviours, resulting in successful business transition.

The team committed to a renewed focus on leadership development, particularly through sustained follow through.

Transparency in their culture and greater engagement of teams across the board was experienced for the first time in what was otherwise a tumultuous time for the business.


BasilTree first worked to identify behaviours for success across the organisation.

Next, the 360 feedback instrument and process was created, reporting on the five identified themes.

A technology-driven process was implemented for the CEO, his immediate team and their direct reports.

Feedback and coaching sessions were carried out with experienced coaches, resulting in a customised development plan for each leader.