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Engagement surveys had demonstrated a challenge with the people management capability with mid-level managers of this large Indian Bank.

They tasked us with the mandate to conduct skill building and group coaching sessions for approximately 150 junior and mid-level mangers across various business functions and locations.

The sessions were to be conducted on a list of priority behavioural areas identified by the client – Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, Collaboration, Communication Skills and Story Telling.


All participants were covered over approximately 50 virtual learning sessions over a period of four months.

The structure of the sessions enabled open communication amongst the participants and facilitated peer learning.

The act of reviewing the committed actions drove greater accountability amongst participants, and provided them an opportunity to reflect upon their experiences.

Building people capability in middle level managers is expected to build deeper engagement within teams, ultimately impacting productivity and other factors.


BasilTree conducted discussions with business stakeholders to design sharp and engaging virtual learning sessions on each of the identified focus areas.

Multiple batches of virtual sessions were conducted, with one topic being covered every month.

To ensure commitment to learning and change, participants were asked to prepare a personal action plan at the end of each learning session.

To further support transfer of learning, the action plans were reviewed in a group coaching session after a duration of a month.