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The client, a market-leading Indian real estate company, wanted to craft a learning journey for its identified cohorts of junior (‘Emerging Leaders’) and mid-level (‘Experienced Leaders’) managers. As a starting point, development priorities were to be identified for all participants, and for the cohorts. The client wanted the learning journey to focus on business specific challenges to equip these participants to deliver on their business goals.


The client and participants were especially happy with the customised journeys that addressed specific internal and market challenges.

The learning journeys equipped identified talent pool with learnings and insights that they could implement on the job. Consistent reviews and monitoring mechanisms helped participants to successfully apply their learnings at work.

At the end of the journeys, the client had a talent pool ready to take on stretch targets, more strategic responsibilities and role enhancements. These individuals were positioned to become future leaders for the organisation.


BasilTree designed a robust assessment process to identify the high-potential participants from those nominated from both cohorts, who would undergo the subsequent learning journeys.

The process was conducted virtually and involved a combination of interactive simulation exercises as well as standardised tests.

Post assessment analytics helped identify cohort-level development needs which became the focus areas for the learning journeys.

For both cohorts, the learning journeys comprised of classroom and intermittent group coaching sessions. A summarised journey was also designed for the non-shortlisted participants.