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The client, a top-3 Indian pharmaceuticals company, was eager to facilitate development of an identified pool of its women employees, across various geographies, to enable them to become more effective leaders. Their objective was to increase the representation of women in senior leadership roles.

They also wanted the intervention to create a sense of belonging within this cohort.

The client also wanted the participants’ line managers to play an important role in developing them.


The programme has been accepted and well appreciated by all the participants.

The sessions gave participants opportunity to share, discuss and think through how they could overcome their individual struggles, dilemmas and obstacles at the workplace.

Group coaching sessions gave the participants the opportunity to reflect, learn from peers and also drove accountability towards committed actions.



Based on stakeholder discussions, four primary topics were identified, which formed the basis for designing a learning journey for the participants over a period of eight months.

The journey had a hybrid model consisting of a combination of online and offline sessions, along with virtual group coaching sessions.

Post-session informal connects and connects through WhatsApp groups helped the cohort spark conversations and engage with one another, feeding off each other’s strides in application of aspects covered in previous sessions.

Line Managers were tasked with supporting and guiding participants in creating and implementing development plans, and providing regular feedbacks.