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The client, an industrial conglomerate, aimed to improve their process of identifying the leadership potential of women employees in junior management cadre, across its different businesses.

This came from the client’s commitment over the years to spot talent very early on and put them through focused developmental interventions to take on more responsibilities.

BasilTree partnered with the client to take the programme to another level of objectivity and rigour, deliver business impact and ensure that the insights from the identification process helped the client in the journey to developing this talent.


The rigorous assessment process successfully identified high-potential talent from a pool of over 200 women employees across various businesses within the organisation.

Key areas of strength and development at individual and organisational levels were clarified, resulting in clear talent roadmap.

Insights were provided at a demographic level, including grade and business, along with industry benchmarks, enabling Talent Heads to discern groups with a significant representation in the ‘top talent’ pool.

These insights served as crucial inputs in the internally driven development journey conducted by the organisation.


BasilTree structured the assessment process for identifying leadership potential around its Big Four Leadership Competency Framework. This process unfolded across two distinct phases. In Phase I, participants underwent psychometric tests, while Phase II involved interactive exercises guided by assessors. Phase I exercises served as a basis for shortlisting candidates for Phase II.

All participants received comprehensive feedback reports, with those advancing to Phase II also benefitting from individual feedback sessions conducted by senior BasilTree consultants. Following this, a debriefing session was held to assist participants in identifying their strengths and areas for development, guiding the formulation of their Individual Development Plans (IDPs).