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The client, a leading manufacturer of industrial use power transmission components and equipment, wanted to develop capabilities of its senior leaders. The objective was to make the leaders aware of their relative areas of strength and development and enable them to successfully lead the organisation into the next phase of growth, in a challenging and competitive business environment. The intent by the organisation’s leadership was to facilitate a culture of learning, openness and growth.


Post initial hesitancy from some of the leaders, all leaders proactively participated in the journey and contributed ideas on developmental actions that they could implement on-the-job.

To ensure sustained development, review meetings were organised between the Managing Director, the HR team and the coaches from BasilTree.

The leaders who underwent the learning journey began to demonstrate a visible change in their behaviour and attitude, which was observed by the Managing Director and the HR team.


BasilTree designed and implemented an online 360-degree feedback process for all leaders to bring about greater awareness of their areas of strengths and development. This was followed by in-depth feedback and development planning conversations with a senior BasilTree Coach.

Using the inputs from the 360-degree feedback as well as from the leadership within the organisation, BasilTree designed a learning journey, differentiated for the two levels of leaders.

While the direct reportees of the Managing Director went through an individual coaching journey of six monthly coaching sessions, the leaders at the next level went through a blended learning journey – comprising virtual learning sessions, interspersed with group coaching sessions.