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The client, an energy major, wanted to curate a Leadership Development Programme across the organisation, based on a new competency framework designed by BasilTree in a previous engagement.

The focus was to engage with the talent and equip them with skills required to overcome business challenges and changes.


BasilTree conducted workshops for senior and middle level employees, on all identified competencies, covering over 125 participants in all.

The participants have experienced an increased level of confidence and motivation and expressed greater engagement, formally and informally.

Workshops have now been planned for the junior level as well.


BasilTree designed a Learning Journey across junior, mid and senior level employees, based on themes identified from the analytics of assessments carried out, using the new competency framework as the base.

The learning modules were designed to be contextualised to the client’s challenges and nuances, post discussions with HR and Business Leaders.

Interactive in-person workshops were conducted for each competency over a period of six months.

Group coaching sessions were conducted after each competency training to further support transfer of learning.