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The client, a Retail major, was restructuring its business formats to ensure profitability across its brands and geographical locations. Consequently, the client identified a select group of talent, that it was committed to invest in and develop, to take on critical business roles in the future. The client wanted a robust assessment process that would provide insights for identifying the development priorities and readiness level of the talent pool for the role of State Heads.


The post-assessment analytics provided the client with insights into the readiness level of the talent pool.

The assessments also revealed findings on the succession depth, providing data for planning the mix of internal progression and external hiring.

BasilTree also flagged key developmental needs for the client, with specific reference to its future strategy.


BasilTree consulted key stakeholders to understand the business context and people challenges. These inputs ensured that the design and simulation exercises accurately mirrored the workplace environment and employee challenges.

Psychometric tools were administered to understand behavioural preferences of the group, followed by a two-day interactive Development Centre led by senior BasilTree consultants.

Participants were then given one-on-one feedback, which helped the participants look at their developmental needs from a holistic perspective.