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The client, one of India’s largest business houses, introduced three brand pillars and identified behaviours to enable their employees to act as per a common code.

The expectation from the Group Chairman and the Board was for all leaders to demonstrate five unique leadership characteristics that bring to life the three brand pillars.

In order to drive the internalisation of these cultural pillars, the client wanted to develop the capability to provide real time and behavioural feedback to people across cadres, using their internal enterprise system.


The project resulted in cascading the brand pillars in a meaningful way across different levels within the organisation. It helped with the integration of the Group with a federal structure, with common threads of behaviour across companies.

The programme is enabling a real-time and continuous feedback culture across levels on organisation-specific ‘right’ behaviours.

The ability to provide real-time feedback to managers on the organisation’s values is resulting in greater focus on the ‘how’ of performance and living as per the Group’s professed values.


The client’s framework of cultural pillars involved behaviours mapped at different levels.

To create muti-rater feedback questionnaires based on different proficiency levels and that were relevant to all businesses, BasilTree worked with the client team across 10 different businesses, to understand their context.

We then worked with their IT team to create auto-generated feedback reports. After thorough evaluation of each questionnaire, algorithms were put in place to identify feedback statements that would go in the reports. A systematic process was followed for determining the content of each page of the Feedback Report.

To better sensitise the foci and raters undergoing the 360 process, trailing was carried out across Group companies. A detailed User Manual was created to help a smooth roll out of the initiative.