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The client, one of India’s most reputed names in the Oil and Paints industry, wanted to socialise a newly launched Values-based Behaviour Framework through various grades of the organisation. To effectively implement this framework, the client sought to enhance the capability to deliver value-based feedback to employees using their internal enterprise system. Assistance was required to design value-based questionnaires and standardise the approach for generating system-driven reports through algorithms to ensure a sustainable process.


The client was able to cascade the Values-based Behaviour Framework at different levels within the organisation, through this tailored 360-degrees feedback mechanism.

The execution of this initiative helped enable a culture of sharing real-time and continuous feedback across different levels of the organisation on the expected behaviours.

The project helped bring into greater focus the ‘how’ of performance, instead of only addressing metrics and KPIs.


BasilTree worked with the client team to implement a robust online 360 degrees feedback system along with their HR and technical teams.

The behaviours of the client’s values based framework were defined for each of its levels. Therefore, BasilTree created the feedback questionnaires for each level.

Additionally, BasilTree provided its expertise and support in putting in place algorithms to create level-based auto-generated feedback reports.

Additionally, a comprehensive User Manual was developed to provide detailed guidance on the process to both – participants undergoing the 360 feedback process and their raters.