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The client wanted its senior most leaders (Executive Committee members) to come together as a team and work with a multiplier effect to deliver their business strategy.

The basis for the planned intervention were the client’s three Core Values, and the two key themes that the organisation believed as being central to its culture.


Customised individual reports were generated for all participants that provided insights on behaviours that were enhancing or derailing their leadership effectiveness.

A detailed group analysis was presented to the leadership team, prior to sharing of the individual reports. Key insights and leadership implications were provided to plan future developmental agenda for the cohort.

The individual and group insights became a useful input in succession-based discussions at the board level.


BT worked with the client team to identify the behaviours that the leadership team needed to display.

This framework was used as the basis for rolling out a comprehensive 360 degrees feedback programme for the Executive Committee members. A customised but online 360-degree tool ensured a smooth user experience.

One on one feedback was provided to each leadership team member, identifying their leadership roadmap, while at the same time, organisational level analytics helped create an overall leadership development agenda.