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Welcome to BT Bytes

‘Bite-sized’ Talent and Leadership Research from BasilTree Consulting

India-focused studies on vital talent and leadership subjects.

Not more than three minutes to respond or to study the findings.

Easy to understand insights, in your inbox and social media.

Bite-sized Learning became popular, not because there was any dearth of learning resources in the world, but because it targets one or two learning outcomes that don’t require much time but have a high impact. The same applies to research and industry insights for HR professionals in India. There is no dearth of data but is not always available in the form we need it when we need it, and in one place.

BT Bytes aims to study and present the practices of Corporate India on vital leadership and talent issues in small and periodic nuggets. We invite you to participate in this first of its kind study with just three minutes of your time. Your responses will contribute to building what will become the most treasured repository of leadership and talent management insights from Corporate India.

Please click the link below to participate on behalf of your organisation—you can choose to do so anonymously. All responses will be compiled and analysed as aggregate data. You will receive the study results by mail or can follow us on LinkedIn for periodic updates.

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Current Study: High Potential Talent Management Practices

Identification, Communication, Engagement